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Torque converter 4l80E turbo LS billet lock up Truck/Suv/heavier vehicle

Torque converter 4l80E turbo LS billet lock up Truck/Suv/heavier vehicle

You've got a tough combination to do a converter for, it's 4000+lbs , makes power, and it's SBE turbo LS.
This works perfect for some of the most frequent turbo LS candidates pickup truck and SUVs. This converter has the capabilities to move that additional mass while still being easy to use and having good drivability. The one downside, it's a little tight to really get away with making stock bottom end hero horsepower 1000+ because it takes more force transfer to move the mass of a heavier vehicle, you can get close to it. That isn't a bad trade off to run 10s on Saturday and drive to work on Monday morning.

Available in single disk lock up, and triple disk lock up. Lock up clutch count effects lock up clutch capacity. If it's an occasional driven vehicle or on the lower end of weight the single is acceptable. If it's going to tow anything, daily drive, or do drag and drive events or is in the upper end of weight(I.E. suburban) the triple disk is recommended.
Lock up disk count, only effects the lock up clutch capacity. The triple is recommended in all heavier vehicles(heavy trucks, SUVs) and anything that will do daily driving, towing, or hauling.
Depending on transmission modifications, additional modifications may be required to prevent the lock up clutch from dragging at idle with low pump flow.

This is the converter I installed in the Cleetus Mcfarland give away marauder when their converter broke and I had to repair the transmission.
When Zach (who drove it on race week with Sam) and I test drove it he said "if the car drove this good before, he(Cleetus) wouldn't have decided to give it away. Sam would really like how this drives now."

If you are not sure which converter you need. There is grey area where it might not be obvious which converter to go with, and these are only the converters developed for a couple specific applications that are done frequently. We make all kinds of converters. Reach out to us, that's our specialty!

Converters are warrantied for life!
We reserve the right to inspect the converter before repair or replacement for warranty. Customer covers shipping here. If repaired under warranty we cover return shipping. If not covered by warranty an estimate for repair or replacement will be provided. Misuse, abuse, and damage are not covered under warranty. Using the converter in an application or usage it isn't intended for constitutes misuse.

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