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Torque converter 4L80e Stage2/budget converter

Torque converter 4L80e Stage2/budget converter

This converter is STRICTLY for light weight moderate horsepower vehicles.
This is the ice cream and burnouts 3700lbs or less 600hp or less weekend toy converter.
It was developed for the typical vehicles people use to build, your 80s ford with SBE turbo LS and OG 7875.
It DOES NOT belong in a daily driver or heavy vehicle like your Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, or anything that tows. That usage will wipe out the lock up clutch or damage the converter and is not recommended or covered under warranty.

This converter was designed for the ice cream and burnouts 500-600whp in any random car goal that everyone used to have, before everything became max out my 7875 at 800+whp.
500-600whp at mid 3000lbs is deep in the 10s at mid 130s while being the pinnacle union for cost effective, fun, and fast!

Available with flat 4l80e bolt circle, or metric 4l60e bolt circle. The 4l60e flexplate version requires use of a pilot extender. 

We reserve the right to inspect the converter before repair or replacement for warranty. Customer covers shipping here. If repaired under warranty we cover return shipping. If not covered by warranty an estimate for repair or replacement will be provided. Misuse, abuse, and damage are not covered under warranty. Using the converter in an application or usage it isn't intended for constitutes misuse.

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