Converters are built to order
There is approximately a one month lead time on built to order and custom converters.

Converter Installation
For GM rwd applications the converter is fully installed when it is 1-1/16" from straight edge across bell housing to face of the mounting location. After installing transmission converter clearance should be 1/8" to 3/16" before slid to engage flex plate, this provides running clearance for the transmission pump, inadequate or excessive pump clearance will cause pump damage.

There is a lifetime warranty on street converters. There is no warranty on race converters. The warranty covers materials and workmanship only. It does not cover damage, abuse, or wear. The converters are at the mercy of the hydraulics of the transmission, especially lockup converters. Damage to the lockup clutch due to inadequate converter pressure is the leading cause of lockup converter concerns and is not covered under warranty. Misuse of the lockup clutch constitutes abuse, the lockup clutch in OEM equipped transmissions is for cruising only.
For concerns regarding the converter. Contact us via phone or email and be prepared to provide relevant information. It is an extremely frequent occurrence that the converter is suspected to be the cause of a concern but is actually the result of other components or systems. I will help you anyway.
Once contacted if data has been provided that can isolate the converter as the cause of the concern a shipping label will be provided to send it in for warranty repair or replacement.
If you refuse, or are unable to provide any information, you may elect to pay to send the converter to us for inspection. The point of the warranty is to ensure you have a quality product that functions as intended. It is not a guarantee it will go in an just work in spite of all the modification, installation, and tuning mistakes you've made. If you find yourself thinking "ever since I installed this converter my *blank* doesn't work the same", it is likely something YOU did.

There are no returns or refunds on custom and built to order converters. If you need to exchange an unused or undamaged converter I will work with you the best I can but it needs to be sent in for inspection first.

Break down and save the box your converter came in, it is a durable double wall box and is a size that reduces shipping cost. Should you need to send the converter in for repair, alterations, or warranty you have a vessel to do so. We ship via UPS domestically and Fedex to Canada. We do not ship internationally.