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torque converter SBE turbo LS 4l80e 245mm billet lock up mid or light weight vehicle

torque converter SBE turbo LS 4l80e 245mm billet lock up mid or light weight vehicle

This converter is designed for typical turbo LS vehicles that are 3700lbs or less, with a 5.3, or 6.0 liter SBE engine on pump gas or E85, all 7875 and most S400 size turbos or comparable twins in the 500-1000whp range and any typical cam from truck cams to turbo cams up to mid 23X* duration @ .050. With a tire diameter and rear gear ratio ideal for the 1/4 mile.

It will work well exclusively for that type of combination.  It foot brakes to mid 3000s with good rear brakes, lights a turbo great, is compatible with a trans brake, and has good shift recovery rpm for an SBE engine while maintaining good coupling efficiency at engine rpms typical with this type of combination.

An example of this would be an 800whp Fairmont/s10/Mustang/Camaro/Ranger/Nova/Malibu with a 7875/s480/twin 66mm.
An example of what this WILL NOT WORK FOR, your 4000-6500lb truck or SUV. You need something different, I do that also, this is not it.
For anything other that what is specifically listed here, call for a custom converter. If you are not sure please ask.

Has all three converter bolt circles, and is provided with an extended pilot so no pilot extender is necessary when used with a dished flex plate. If you have a 99 long crank 6.0, call for a custom converter. The pilot needs to be machined to a shorter dimension. This will not fit a long crank 6.0 engine.

This converter was developed as the pinnacle of performance possible in a bolt it in and it will just work application. This is easy mode for your hotrod 4l80e vehicle. Run 9s and drive across the country doing it. This converter has completed drag week, rocky mountain race week, and sick week. 8s are possible in a light vehicle with a trans brake.

Converters are warrantied for life!
We reserve the right to inspect the converter before repair or replacement for warranty. Customer covers shipping here. If repaired under warranty we cover return shipping. If not covered by warranty an estimate for repair or replacement will be provided. Misuse, abuse, and damage are not covered under warranty. Using the converter in an application or usage it isn't intended for constitutes misuse.

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